Workshop “The More You Prepare The Better: Advocacy Toolkit in Action”

Changing international approaches to human rights, content governance, regulation of digital space and other outstanding issues takes a significant effort. Digital Security Lab Ukraine (DSLU), however, thinks that all efforts should be focused and targeted, oriented at specific measurable and achievable goals. To reach this aim, DSLU developed an Advocacy Toolkit, which provides the landscape, venues and tools for effective advocacy in the area of digital rights on the international level.

DSLU is superexcited to announce our workshopThe More You Prepare The Better: Advocacy Toolkit in Action”, devoted to human rights advocacy tactics and strategies in various international venues, such as the UN bodies, the European Court on Human Rights, the International Court of Justice, Meta Oversight Board, and many other spaces. Particularly, during the workshop we will:

🟡 Present and hold a discussion the DSLU Advocacy Toolkit;

🟡 Work with specific case studies on advocacy in Meta Oversight Board, ECtHR, the UN Universal Periodic Review and Special Rapporteurs venues;

🟡 Collect the feedback and experiences from partners on contemporary challenges in international advocacy.

🗓 Date: 25 May 2023

⏰ Time: 15:00-17:00 (Kyiv time)

💻 Venue: Zoom-platform

🌏 Language: English

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