Internet freedom in Ukraine 2020 – report

The development and spread of the Internet have created unprecedented tools for citizens to realize their rights and freedoms, including the opportunity to freely express their views and thoughts to a wide audience and to have prompt access to any online resources. At the same time, threats related to the abuse of such rights, the spread of hate speech and unlawful violation of privacy have also increased.

Current national legislation contains virtually no special legal provisions to protect the digital rights of citizens. Most rights and freedoms related to the Internet are subject to the general rules of constitutional, civil, criminal and administrative law. At the same time, the specificities of the realization of human rights online are not always adequately taken into account in administrative and judicial practice.

Full version of report > Internet-Freedom-Report-web-version-2020

With the support of the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) in Ukraine